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In my years of experience, I have encountered many new homeowners that have had similar dilemmas.  Initially, they often have a limited budget to contribute to their updates or remodel.  A quick fix would be to paint the walls a neutral color such as Benjamin Moore® Bradstreet Beige.  I would advise not to use this color because of the pink undertones that may not be visible to the untrained eye.  I made the same mistake as a newlywed.  We chose a color for our countertops confusingly named “Alberta Tan”.  Like Bradstreet Beige, it had pink undertones, and despite my degree in design, and having studied color theory, it was still very hard to see.  Moreover, many new homeowners choose strikingly different colors to paint their walls and trim not considering the flow from room to room as well as the effect of natural light or the lack of it.

I would like to help my clients avoid making these potentially costly mistakes.  As a Color Consultant (Certified Color Expert) and an Interior Designer (Expert E-Designer), I will guide you in picking out the best colors, color schemes , and interior designs that work perfectly in your home.   

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